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I have a need to get some BIOS information of my computer from a Metro application in Windows 8. But Metro Application is a kind of sandbox program so it can not connect to local. How could I have that information I need. Any help is appreciated.

Can we use WinRT to get that BIOS information or use hybrid application (with C++) to get that information ???

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I try to import some win32 dlls (for example: kernel32.dll) and using APIs from those dlls to get BIOS information, but is this illegal to windows Store?
Updated 9-Feb-12 16:11pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Jan-12 23:19pm
This is a question of the class "this is impossible, how to make it's possible". We used to tell a joke: "If prohibited but you want it very much, it is allowed". Don't you think you already answered by yourself.

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Try posting this question on the CP Forum "Windows API and WinRT/Metro"[^].

A Metro app, I am told, can receive a notification a file has changed (it could have been changed by a Win 8 app), and respond to that by reading the file, but, as yet, information about any exchange of data/interaction between Metro and everything-else, beyond file-watch notification is ... missing.

See the question I raised here:[^] on that Forum I just referred you to, and the responses.

Personally, I find it hard to believe there cannot be a fast, dynamic, method of interchange of whatever between Metro and Win 8 apps, or some equivalent to what we have now with the relationship of .NET and API calls ... but it appears that way now: and, if, in the long run, that turns out to be true, then I will continue to believe that Metro and Win 8 are an example of "schizophrenia" :) (yes, personal bias)

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