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This might not be the best place to ask but I've been researching video capture sdks and ran across 3 so far. They are:

VideoCap Live - by Viscomsoft
TVideoGrabber - by Datastead
Video Capture SDK - by VisioForge

Does anybody have any experience with these? Would you recommend any? Do you know of any others that you might recommend?

I'm interested in developing a small video recording app and would like to use an existing SDK.
Johnny J. 20-Jan-12 20:18pm    
I don't know about the two other, but viscomsoft's solution is an ActiveX that they have foolishly enough not been interested in upgrading to .NET. Personally, I would try to find a .NET solution...

1. Viscomsoft product has a major flaw - It crashes in PCs which do not have VMR9. If your application goes to a PC which has no VMR9, it may crash. I bought from them, and it was crashing in some machines, and they explained to me that it was because of this. Other activeX controls support different renderers, and some even defaut to the highest renderer. They do have anther version of activex for VRM7, but it works only for VRM7. Otherwise it works well with most sources.

2. Visioforge guys give good support. The best support I have ever received from any component vendor. I did have some problems with their tools but all the tools that I have, have the same issue. In some cases, they interfere with or affect other controls, and other controls behave erratically or stop working.

3. Fathsoft also has a good tool. But it doesn't work with all the sources, plus as mentioned they seem to be interfering with other controls. They sell, and don't care much about what happens to the users, but it is a good tool.

4. I am still desperately looking for some good sdk, that is lghtweight. Many sdks load the application. Look at amcap. It is lightweight, and it seems to work with any source, but unfortunately is an application, and not a development tool. When it comes to video capture, it is more a sellers market. You buy the tool, and if doesn't work in some cases, you search for another tool. It is almost impossible to buy a capture sdk product that really works as they claim!! One sure fire method is to stick to a specific capture hardware and their SDK.
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