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I am using a menu control and a "xmldatasource" in a master page and a ".XSL" file for binding data.
I am retrieving "url" from database and bind the data dynamically. I am using a login page which doesn't inherit the Master page.I have a index page which is redirected from login page and it inherits master page but the url of this page doesn't store in database.Index page doesn,t give any error and comes with master page but when I click any menu item it throws exception "cannot use a exit above the top directory"
Please solve the problem.

What this means is that your web page is referring to content which is in the folder one level up from your page, but your page is already in the website's root folder, so the relative path is invalid.

It's probably due to using "~/something", probably on a Hyperlink control.
When the physical file is at a different directory level from the friendly URL, ASP.NET uses too many ../'s in the relative URL that it generates, giving this error.

If you can't just use an absolute URL instead, I believe that you can use Page.ResolveUrl("~/foo/bar") to get the proper relative URL.
Mousumi2708 25-Jan-12 1:29am
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