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I have this code
		$per_page = 8;
	  //get start variable
$start = $_GET['start'];

//count records
$record_count = mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM posts"));

//count max pages
$max_pages = $record_count / $per_page; //may come out as decimal

if (!$start)
   $start = 0;
//display data
$get = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM posts LIMIT $start, $per_page");
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($get))
 // get data
 $numelink = 'http://localhost/posts/list.php?'.$title.'';
 $title = $row['title'];
 $description = $row['description'];
 $user = $row['user'];
 $downloads = $row['downloads'];
 $pict1 = $row['pict1'];
 $pict2 = $row['pict2'];
 $date = $row['date'];
 $rezolution = $row['rezolution'];
 $views = $row['views'];
 $rank = $row['rank'];
 $memberurl = 'http://localhost/user/'.$user.'';
 echo '
 <div id="posts_in"><div id="texture_pic"><img src="',$pict1,'" width="200" height="150" alt="pic1" /></div>
          <div id="texture_content"><p align="left">   <a href="'.$numelink.'">'
            '</a></p><div id="posts_content_int">
              <table width="192" height="76" border="1">
                  <td height="16">Downloads:</td>
                  <td width="103">',$downloads,'</td>
                  <td height="16">Rank:</td>
                  <td width="103">',$rank,'</td>
                  <td width="16" height="16"> </td>
                  <td width="103"> </td>
                  <td height="16"> </td>
                  <td height="16"> </td>
                  <td height="16">Date-Add:</td>
                  <td height="16">',$date,'</td>
                  <td height="16">User:</td>
                  <td height="16"><a href="', $memberurl, '">',$user,'</a></td>
            </div><div id="texture_content_int"><table width="192" height="111" border="1">
                  <td width="69" height="16">Complete:</td>
                  <td width="107">',$downloads,'</td>
                  <td height="16">Rezolution:</td>
                  <td width="107">',$rezolution,'</td>
                  <td> </td>
                  <td> </td>



//setup prev and next variables
$prev = $start - $per_page;
$next = $start + $per_page;

//show prev button
if (!($start<=0))
       echo "<a href='../posts/index.php?start=$prev'>Prev</a> ";

//show page numbers

//set variable for first page

for ($x=0;$x<$record_count;$x=$x+$per_page)
 if ($start!=$x)
    echo "<a href='../posts/index.php?start=$x'>$i</a> ";
    echo " <a href='../posts/index.php?start=$x'>$i</a> ";

//show next button
if (!($start>=$record_count-$per_page))
       echo "<a href='../posts/index.php?start=$next'>Next</a>";



This is my code ..i need a better code because this is buggy on $numelink. Somebody know what i can do to fix it ? Oe a better pagination ?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Jan-12 20:29pm
This is a code dump, pretty useless. Who would be interested if you did not even care to explain what is exactly the problem? "Buggy" is not descriptive. Please use "Improve question".

1 solution

Here is a tip/trick I wrote a few years ago - Dynamic Pagination[^]. You may find this useful.

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