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I was created a gridview control, in which i added columns dynamically with datarow as textboxes.
when i bind the datatable in which i created a rows, the rows are disolaying but with blank textbox instead of the text which i writen.
How to resolve it.
Please give me suggestion for this problem.
Thank You.
manognya kota 18-Jan-12 23:04pm

Can you post the code of your data table and the way you are binding it to gridview.
Prasad_Kulkarni 18-Jan-12 23:17pm
post your code to get exact result
Not enough information. Can you see "Improve question" above? This is your only chance to get any useful help.
Jephunneh Malazarte 19-Jan-12 1:30am
Hello Jagadeesh - you are doing it in DataRowBound?

And I would like to clarify if my understanding is correct to your question.

Question is more like: You have a gridview control which columns will be dynamically generated. However you are facing a challenge when you create a cell(s) that contains textbox inside it, the textbox value is empty?

if that's the case like manognya kota said you might need to change your databinding or perhaps need to check your datasource if the field has a value...
daniele.arrighi 28-Jan-12 14:45pm
Dinamically created controls are lost between postbacks. So you should try to save the Gridview in the viewstate, so it will be recreated in each cycle OR you'll have to recreate your gridview's DataControlFieldCollection after each postback. But you should post your code first.
Varun Sareen 2-Feb-12 0:47am
Please clarify your question by posting some code.

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