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I am doing a project with RFID Technology. I am using Mifare SL500 tag and reader. I need to change the default key value(FFFFFFFFFFFFF) stored in the sector trailer in the fourth block.

I am using as programming langauage( using MasterRD.dll API).

Can anyone supply me with the functionality to do this.

You should carefully look through the product documentation to accomplish the task. You ma also have a look at MIFARE official website[^] for command documentation.
[no name] 23-Jan-12 15:30pm
I need a function to do this(in MasterRD.dll, a library API used for rfid connectivity in

There are functions like rf_M1_authentication2(),etc in this API. I need some function like that to do this key change.
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Jan-12 15:34pm
It's is EXTREMELY unlikely anyone here has ever heard of the SDK you're using let alone worked with it.

Your BEST (and probably only) source of information on how to use that SDK is going to be the people that wrote that SDK.
I have a similar RFID reader, and I can't communicate with the reader using VB. The RFID reader appears to be in an automatic mode and displays the value of any rfid tag on it, on any text receiving tool, notepad, microsoft excel, etc, on the computer.

The device manager of the system does not see the reader, so therefore I don't know how it even communicates with the system.

I need help, from anyone familiar with this reader
Dave Kreskowiak 24-Jan-12 23:32pm
Start your own thread. Don't hyjack someone elses. It's extremely unlikely you're going to get a response. There may be 8,000,000 members here, but only the top 200 or so roll in through here on a constant basis. It's extremely unlikely that anyone of those has even heard of your RFID hardware.

Your best source of information is going to be the manufacturer of your hardware and the SDK you're using.

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