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Hi Every one

I am developing a website where i have used entity framework data model. Now the problem is that in my data base, i have a CTE table created using view

My Query to develop the query is as under

WITH cte(categoryid, categorytitle, categoryparent, categorydetail,categorycreationdate,categoryinsertedby, categorystatus, companyid, lang)AS (SELECT categoryid,CAST(categorytitle AS VARCHAR(MAX)) AS expr1,categoryparent,categorydetail,categorycreationdate,categoryinsertedby,categorystatus,companyid,lang FROM   dbo.tbl_categories WHERE ( categoryparent = 0 or categoryparent is null)AND ( categorystatus = 1 )UNION ALL SELECT p.categoryid,CAST(c.categorytitle + '>> ' + p.categorytitle AS VARCHAR(MAX)) AS expr1,p.categoryparent,p.categorydetail,p.categorycreationdate,p.categoryinsertedby,p.categorystatus,p.companyid,p.lang FROM   dbo.tbl_categories AS p INNER JOIN cte AS c ON c.categoryid = p.categoryparent) SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT categorytitle, categoryparent,categorydetail, categorycreationdate,categoryinsertedby,categorystatus,companyid, lang,categoryid FROM   cte AS cte_1 ORDER  BY categorytitle ")

The Table from which i am generating this query is tbl_Categories
I want the equivalent linq statement for the above query.
Amir Mahfoozi 26-Jan-12 6:02am
Lets put on a trick :

1 solution

Uday P.Singh 26-Jan-12 4:37am
5 for the very nice link :)

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