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I have developed a WPF application on my workstation using Visual Studio 2010 Professional, which is a Windows 7 64-bit machine.

I have been getting crash reports about the application on 2 other machines. One of them is a Windows XP 32-bit machine and another one is a Windows 7 32-bit machine.

I would like to remote debug the application on both those machines.

Currently, trying to remote debug the application for Windows XP 32-bit machine. I have installed my application (debug build) on the remote machine. I ran the Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor on that machine. I went to Tools -> Options and set it to No Authentication with Allow any user to debug set to checked. On my local machine (Which is Windows 7 64-bit machine), went to my Visual Studio and attached process after selecting "Remote(Native only with no authentication)" Qualifier as - remote machine name. When I refresh, I can see my application running on the remote machine and I can start debugging it.

HOWEVER, I simply cannot get the breakpoints to hit, "The breakpoint will not currently be hit, No Symbols have been loaded for this document".

The next thing I tried is, I copied over all the .pdb files from my localmachine/bin/debug folder of the application (since its the debug version installed remotely) and put them in the same folder as the .exe of the application. But still no difference.

How do I get to hit the breakpoints and debug remotely without any problems ? Is the process going to be same when I try to remote debug with a remote Windows 7 32-bit machine ?

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