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HI Frnds..

I wrote a code to open a exe from application.. Its working fine in visual studio environment but in iis 5.0 its wont work... not even starting the process i confirmed in task manager...

I searched in google and got some points and tried but never works... what i done so far is

1. gave full control for user account.. 2. in admistrative tools -> services -> in IIS -> log on tab allow the interactive to desktop...

I think its a permission pblm.. but how to give permission and what permission to which folder... any help will greatly appreciate...

Additional Info:

the exe is in d: drive

Below is my code:
      rdoc.ExportToDisk(CrystalDecisions.Shared.ExportFormatType.CrystalReport, "d:\aspnetprint\docs\" & rcapt & Trim(invno) & Trim(loccode.Replace(".","")) &".rpt")
Dim printstr AS string = "d:\aspnetprint\docs\" & rcapt & Trim(invno) & Trim(loccode.Replace(".",""))& ".rpt"
printstr = printstr.Replace("\","\\")
Dim startinfo As New ProcessStartInfo()
startinfo.CreateNoWindow = false
startinfo.UseShellExecute = False
startinfo.FileName = "d:\aspnetprint\exe\crpck.exe"
startinfo.Arguments = printstr
startinfo.RedirectStandartOutput = True
startinfo.RedirectStandartError = True

     Using exeProcess As Process = Process.Start(startinfo)
End Try

for More info : 1. aspnetprint is a folder name where we saved the exe file
2. d:\aspnetprint\docs is a folder name where we export the crystal report
3. after that exe prints the file the report which we exported in docs folder will automatically deleted
4. rcapt is a caption name, invno is a invoicename to store
5. rdoc is report document object name

Thanks in advance
Updated 26-Jan-12 20:00pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Jan-12 0:50am    
Where is the executable file you are trying to run? Is it on server side or not? Why would you ever need it?
nithibs 27-Jan-12 1:41am    
Actually the exe file is in d drive.. i want this exe to print a file....
Rajesh Anuhya 27-Jan-12 1:10am    
can you provide the code.
nithibs 27-Jan-12 1:54am    
Pls refer above.......

1 solution

Process.start() thered not work in iis or hosted web applications
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