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Hello my friends.

I'm programming a store management for POS device with "Windows CE 6.0". These device are so low. The ram in these device is the hard :-(.
Now, I have 15000 record and wana select records where the "CategoryCode column" value is '445500' (Count of these record is 50).
I use different ways to select the data:

1. SQL CE3.0
For connect to bank get 4sec
For execute WHERE command get 8sec

2. I create a library (DotTxt[^]) that work with text file.
For execute WHERE command get 6sec

3. Using XML
For open XML document get 32sec
For execute WHERE command get 1sec

4. Using DataTable (that fill with a text file)
For retrieve lines in DataTable get 13sec
For excute WHERE command (select) get 3sec

Each of these ways have an problem. I bold them.

Please help me to work with a better way for better speed.

Thanks your helps.
Updated 30-Jan-12 20:27pm

You can use SQL data paging for fetch the data from DB level.
Minimize the time in application level use DataReader.

refer below link[^]
mhd.rad 31-Jan-12 9:05am
thanks. this is a nice idea. I work on it
dinidusoft123 31-Jan-12 23:22pm
your welcome.For client retrival you can use jquery or Dojo like javascript library if you use web approach.So, MVC pattern is reccomeneded.But unfortunatly you are developing windows application. :(
mhd.rad 1-Feb-12 0:27am
Thanks,I know that. But this is a windows application. I trying too lazy loading with create static Datatable and di .Read() for 10 time. When scroll of GridView come down, I do .Read() for 10 time more and add 10 row to GridView. I get a nice experience :D
For increasing speed use linq-sql to get data access
mhd.rad 31-Jan-12 9:08am
Thanks, but I cant. because i use "SQL CE 3.0" and it doesn't support LinqToSql, and "Windows CE 6.0" don't support this namespace too.

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