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Dear all,
I want to upload an image by using mvc 3. I use razor(cshtml).I have failed to finish this work.
I am able to upload image by webform. but need to do using mvc.

Please help full process to me soon.

Emon Mahmud
Updated 23-Jun-16 1:26am

Dear Mahmud,

You can use HttpPostedFileBase.InputStream.Read() method read the upload stream to a buffer, and then save it to the database field. For example:

        public ActionResult Create(string fileTitle)
                HttpPostedFileBase file = Request.Files[0];
                byte[] imageSize = new byte[file.ContentLength];
                file.InputStream.Read(imageSize, 0, (int)file.ContentLength);
                Image image = new Image()
                    Name = file.FileName.Split('\\').Last(),
                    Size = file.ContentLength,
                    Title = fileTitle,
                    ID = 1,
                    Image1 = imageSize
                return RedirectToAction("Detail");
            catch(Exception e)
                ModelState.AddModelError("uploadError", e);
            return View();


  @using (Html.BeginForm("Create", "Home", FormMethod.Post, new { enctype = "multipart/form-data" }))
        <legend>Upload Image</legend>

        @Html.Editor("fileTitle")<br />
        Upload File: <input type="file" name="test" />
            <input type="submit" value="Create" />

I think this will helpful to you

CHill60 29-Jul-15 9:30am
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