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How to create or get a .X file using directx SDK version(august 2007).

I want to create a zombie 3d model that can be used in my games developed by vc++.
Updated 2-Feb-12 18:24pm

SA, don't be so sarcastic :)

Why don't you download this software[^]? With this you can make any 3D models you may need and export them to DirectX or many other formats.

The dowside is, that you will have to read the manual and practice a while before you might come up with a model that is good enough to be of any use. And what about the other models you are certainly going to need? If you want to program a game, you are going to need artwork. Scraping together bits and pieces will not get you very far. That's why you are stuck with making the models yourself or finding an artist who is willing to do it for you.
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Don't worry — already created, and not even a file but files:[^].

"Zombie characters" take place, too. :-)

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chaiein 1-Feb-12 7:41am    
@SAKryukov The link is directing to something else.
please send me the link where you saw those files.I need to create 3D Zombie character in directx.
I got the zombie model free in dark gdk itself where it will be given in media files when installed. There are many models even weapons different people so on. provide this software.
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