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How can i make a project only with Razor pages?
My problem is that for example i want to create a connection with the database but in order to work with razor i have to open a new Database.Connection in every .cshtml file. How can i for example put the Database.Open(dbname); in a file like Layout.cshtml for example and call it in every file that i need it so instead of open a new connection in every file just instantiating a file with every code line that i might need like i would do with a c# file.

What I have tried:

My second problem is how can i do the first problem that i described above with c# files?
I have made a connection in a c# but whenever i instantiate the file DBConnection db = new DBConnection();
then how will i go about making a query in the razor view?
Keep in mind i am not looking for an MVC explanaition. Iwant a pure Razor Page and C# project.
Thank you.
Updated 24-Apr-19 8:01am

You cabn't do razor pages without controllers. The db work is done from the controller - not the view. The view simply presents the data to the user in the form of appropriate markup. Once data has been retrieved from the db, put it into a session var if you don't want to keep making the round trip to the db. Of course, I can't make specific recommendations because your question really is poorly stated.

EDIT ======================

You can try this:

GitHub - jlamfers/RazorMachine: RazorMachine is a robust Razor 2.0 templating engine that supports layouts as well as a _viewStart construct like Asp.Net MVC[^]
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simple world 24-Apr-19 11:30am    
Let me explain it better.
What i mean is that i want in my file explorer in the visual studio to have only razor and c# files.
I dont want to do anything with MVC or other frameworks.
All i want is to hard code every step of my project because i am still in the learning proccess of my career and need to know exactly what i am doing and why i am doing it.
That is the reason why i want to create a project where i will only have my razor views and the c# files to do the data proccess and logic.
But my main problem is how can i combine these two together.
For example how can a c# file that has a DB connection in it how can i use that in my razor view directly and run a query in the view without having to create a new db connection every time?
Thank you.
#realJSOP 24-Apr-19 12:03pm    
I updated my answer.
You can have a "using" in Razor; so you can include references to system and your own custom code libraries / dlls (e.g. sharing you connection code).

Here's a link.

Note the consternation at using query code in the cshtml; even though it works.

Make your own rules if it doesn't hurt anybody.

c# - How to use the "Using" statement in razor webpages? - Stack Overflow[^]
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