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hey friend. i have some project. i need get address to
lable when i enter name into code is lile this
da=new sqldataadapter("SELECT * FROM members
WHERE name=" & textbox1.text &"", dbconn)
catch ex as exception
exit sub
end try
sub bind()
end sub
unfortunatly its not work. i see one erro msg. its 'invalied colinm name.but actually column name is corect. its sure.
then i try search infomation by there age. its worked. but
i have no idea to get address when emter there names.
im using and sql server.
please help me . please
Updated 3-Feb-12 4:44am

The best way to handle this is to use parameters. See: SqlParameter[^].

So your code could be something like:
dim cmd as new SqlCommand
cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM members WHERE name=@name"
cmd.Connection = dbconn
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@name", textbox1.text)
da=new sqldataadapter(cmd)
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The reason you get that error is because you do not have single quotes around the text value. Your sql that is being executed looks like

SELECT * FROM members WHERE name=Bill

and it needs to be
SELECT * FROM members WHERE name='Bill'

But an even bigger issue is that this SQL is wide open for SQL injection. You need to change the value to use a SQL Parameter and never take input from the screen and put directly into a SQL statement.
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