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I have a guest registration forum in hotels. That form contains all customer information like name,address,ph:arrival from,date,advance,roomno etc..

My aim is to scan this form using OCR scanner and Read all text from it. I have done this using 'MODI'. but the problem is, I could read only printed word .couldn't read the text wriiten by customer(ie written by pen).

The format of Form is
Name :Alex Address __________
In this case , It could read 'Name'(it is printed word) but could not read 'Alex'('Alex' is written by customer using pen)

Please help me

I simply don't know OCR products to recognize manually scripted (handwritten) text. It looks like this problem is too difficult so I don't think we have such solution in a consumer product.

Here is the problem: manual scripting recognition of a handwritten input is quite successful and quickly becoming a commonplace. Please see[^].

But your case is very different.

The handwritten input recognition is based on recoding strokes as they are input by the user in "near real time". The direction of each stoke, getting the pen in contact with the surface and getting out (this is the very important part) and even timing is recorded. This is a lot of extra information! — critical for recognition.

In your case, you provide only a bitmap, all the extra information I mentioned above is lost forever. Very hard to recognize.

If somebody knows a ready-to-use (or even experimental, the one I don't know) software product which can recognize manual scripting (without teaching, which is important), please write down a comment to this post. I would be eager to learn about it.

Prerak Patel 8-Feb-12 3:01am
It's known as ICR.
Member 8470112 8-Feb-12 6:55am
thank you
Espen Harlinn 8-Feb-12 9:17am
Thank you, Espen.
You need to look for ICR[^][Intelligent character recognition].[^]
Member 8470112 8-Feb-12 6:56am
thank you
Prerak Patel 8-Feb-12 10:51am
You are welcome.
Espen Harlinn 8-Feb-12 9:18am
Prerak Patel 8-Feb-12 10:51am
Thank you
Member 10737990 25-Apr-14 4:09am
how can I remove a rate?
I'm very sorry.
I accidentally clicked 1* because of my friend fooling around. :(
Prerak Patel 26-Apr-14 10:16am
That is ok, you can always re-vote.

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