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I have an hidden field like
<input type="hidden" id="HdnTbl" value="tblHead"  runat="server" />
in XSL.
How hidden field value can be accessed in .aspx page?
ZurdoDev 9-Feb-12 8:10am    
How are you trying to access the hidden field? In C# or in JavaScript?
Career Web Helper 9-Feb-12 8:21am    
In Javascript..

An XSL is a stylesheet. As such, it's not part of your aspx, and I don't see how you can 'access' it when it's not being run inside your page. If it was in your aspx, then you could access it by name, given that you have runat="server".
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If you need it in JavaScript do
or if you are using jQuery you can do
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Career Web Helper 9-Feb-12 8:29am    
Thanks bt document.getElementById('HdnTbl') does not work .
ZurdoDev 9-Feb-12 9:15am    
Then we need a lot more code. If this is in a user control or on a master page the actual id will be different. Just open source view in IE and find the actual ID then.
Career Web Helper 10-Feb-12 0:14am    
no its not user control it is HTML control,I have given src as xml to iframe and transforming it by using xsl
ZurdoDev 10-Feb-12 8:01am    
Then use "View Source" in IE to find the actual id.

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