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Hello All ,

I have one table in sql server called as employee which has empid and empname as columns

I have trigger in place which will log in employee changes history.

I have one stored procedure and below are the queries in the SP

1) Delete from Employee where Empid=@Empid
2) Insert Into Employee SELECT @Empid,@EmpName
3) Delete from Employee where Empname=@EmpName

I know above three statement is not meaning full but Above is just an example to sort the understanding.

Now I want "some changes" while executing the first statement where "Delete Trigger" will not fire.
But I want it to be fired on third delete query .

1 solution

I would think you need to create a table that stores a count, unless there's a variable mechanism in SQL Server, then increment your counter and when it gets to three, perform your action. I expect you'll put this code inside your trigger, so it always fires, but only acts when you want it to.

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