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Visual Studio 2010 stops responding in split mode when used ajaxcontroltoolkit reference in the page saying "updating jscript intellisense".

when i exclude the ajaxcontroltoolkit reference from page then i can design the page in split mode ok. so why VS 2010 hangs when i use ajaxcontroltoolkit.but not all pages hang having toolkit reference,some pages causing prob: where have many javascript codes along with ajaxcontroltoolkit when i exclude the reference all is ok so the problem is in toolkit with VS intellisense may be...i used latest toolkit.
Updated 10-Feb-12 16:47pm

1 solution

The split mode totally sucks, no-one uses it. But, the reason is probably that the IDE is rendering your page and gets stuck when there's AJAX calls being made in the page.

I run my debugger, edit my page and hit F5 to see my changes.
mridul samadder 10-Feb-12 15:35pm
i did not use any page load ajax code but updatepanel....
Christian Graus 10-Feb-12 15:48pm
What do you think that is ?
mridul samadder 15-Feb-12 17:50pm
Well as i said its true.i removed the toolkit reference but the problem did not go! Then i commented many controls under a panel and now vs not hangs in split mode but when i save it takes say almost 1 it seems vs hangs if there are too many controls! In page

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