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I'm almost done building my own media player,but I couldn't find a way for my program to keep aspect ratio of a video.For some video files it's automatic,but not for all.I found that the code for keeping aspect ratio does exist for MCI on microsoft website(I searched all over google and found that only this one site has code that i need):[^]
,but I don't know how to use that code.I could make the code for keeping aspect ratio myself,but if i do it using MCI i would be also able to stretch video.I would really appreciate any help,Thanks in advance.
Christian Graus 11-Feb-12 20:00pm    
That code sample is in C++. You said your project is in C#. You need to tell us the right language and what you're using to play videos. If it's C++, there's better ways to play videos using directshow that don't involve using methods to send strings to controls or libraries.
mmm3743 12-Feb-12 6:46am    
I'm using MCI in c#,MCI string are same for c++ and c#,but sending MCI string is different.I already know how to send MCI string,but my problem is the string i need to send for keeping aspect ratio

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