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Hi All,

I have a requirement in my project to add multiple images on the fly. The images are dynamically obtained from another source (the image path is obtained) and i need to paste them at a particular location on the excel sheet.

I am able to add single image successfully to spreadsheet (with OR without comments) but when i try to add one more image the excel was not opening. I am using "two anchor cell" method for adding the image.

Can anyone post a sample code ?

Thanks and Regards,

YKK Reddy

1 solution


I have solved it myself. I am posting it here just in case anyone else needs.

I modified the code for the "Drawing" class. The below code is mentioned:

if (imageNumber == 1)            
Drawing drawing = new Drawing() { Id = "rId" + drawingPartId.ToString() };                
//Check whether the WorksheetPart contains VmlDrawingParts (LegacyDrawing element)                

if (sheet1.VmlDrawingParts == null)                
//if there is no VMLDrawing part (LegacyDrawing element) exists, just append the drawing part to the sheet                    sheet1.Worksheet.Append(drawing);                
//if VmlDrawingPart (LegacyDrawing element) exists, then find the index of legacy drawing in the sheet and inserts the new drawing element before VMLDrawing part                    
int legacyDrawingIndex = GetIndexofLegacyDrawing(sheet1);                    
if (legacyDrawingIndex != -1)                        sheet1.Worksheet.InsertAt<OpenXmlElement>(drawing, legacyDrawingIndex);                    

The complete set of code is available at ""

In the code available in above link we need to just modify the "Drawing" part
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S Anilranjan 23-Feb-16 1:32am    
when are you setting this integer - imageNumber

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