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i have an image(say captcha image).the background of image is transparent. i want to create an app in c# that check the color of pixels vertically from starting of the image(say color checker).so a point will come where the color checker will reach to between first two characters of image so definitely the pixel colm will be empty at that point, so the app saves it a an png image up to that point and start checking it again futher doing so and saving characters one by one.
can somebody tells me how this will be done..?
thanks in advance
Not a question (I don't count "can somebody" as a question; of course, many can, including myself, but only if you ask a question). What is the problem? Using Graphics? Obtaining Graphics, drawing on screen control and bitmap with the same code? What?
saifullahiit 14-Feb-12 1:20am
the problem is that i dont know how to create a control that checks the checks pixels row by row, find empty space between two characters and then save it.

1 solution

As I explained yesterday (seperate characters of an image[^]) The whole idea of Captcha is that it is as difficult as possible for machines to read. There are no guaranteed blank lines vertically. Or horizontally. Remember, captcha work in different ways, some are rotated, others have the characters mashed together, others invert the colours in an oval area, and s forth an so forth, all or which methods will break your "algorithm".

You are on a loser, trying to break captchas - give up before you waste too much of your time.

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