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hi...i am displaying dynamically data in datable like this code...i dont know how to insert the modified data from datagridview to database.....

int sitting = Convert.ToInt32(D3.Text);
 DataTable dt = new DataTable();
 DataRow dr;
 dt.Column1.Add("Treatment Name");
for (int i = 0; i < sitting; i++)
 dr = dt.NewRow();

 dr["Treatment Name"] = D1.Text;
    dr["Detail"] = D2.Text;
   dr["amount"] = "";
  dataGridView1.DataSource = dt;
Updated 13-Feb-12 22:36pm
M_Mogharrabi 14-Feb-12 4:50am
You can use CellEndEdit event of occurs after a cell edited by the user.also you can access to index of edited column with 'e' parameter of this event.

actually i dont need to update dynamical displaying data in datagridview insert into database using datatable....
M_Mogharrabi 14-Feb-12 4:52am
please describe your question more...

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