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hi all,

i have two folder in my project and my master page in root directory like....

->Camera (folder)
->Packages (folder)

when i click on infrared.aspx
then url=http://localhost:46676/ThirdEyeVisionWeb/Camera/Infra/Infrared.aspx
its working properly.

but when i click on four.aspx from here then http://localhost:46676/ThirdEyeVisionWeb/Camera/Infra/Packages/4Channle/four.aspx
it's not working.
ERROR :: The resource cannot be found.

how can i solve it.
Updated 15-Feb-12 0:39am
Sudip Saha 15-Feb-12 5:26am
This 4channle.aspx page
is different sub folder and your path is not correct
Aniruddh Bhatt 15-Feb-12 5:30am
so what should i do?
Aniruddh Bhatt 15-Feb-12 5:30am
just try on your pc, you can realize it.
Syed Salman Raza Zaidi 15-Feb-12 5:27am
seems like your url should be http://localhost:46676/ThirdEyeVisionWeb/Camera/Packages/4Channle/4channle.aspx


Aniruddh Bhatt 15-Feb-12 5:29am
but when i upload my web site then what
URL should be on Infrared.aspx for 4channle page  "../../Packages/4Channle/4channle.aspx"
Aniruddh Bhatt 15-Feb-12 5:32am
but when i write in a tag like...
a href=" after that i select that page which i want.
You could point your link at the right place!
Your diagram does not show the Packages folder being a subdirectory of the Infra folder, or even of the Camera folder...
Aniruddh Bhatt 15-Feb-12 5:33am
it is an example man...
OriginalGriff 15-Feb-12 5:36am
If you give an example, you should make sure it is correct - how else are we supposed to know what you are doing?
Use the "Improve question" widget to edit your question and provide better information.
Aniruddh Bhatt 15-Feb-12 5:38am
ok sir, thanks
Aniruddh Bhatt 15-Feb-12 5:40am
now check it out.
OriginalGriff 15-Feb-12 5:54am
Your Packages folder still has nothing to do with the URL you gave - it hangs from the root, rather than Infra, or even Camera - both of which are in the path you say you are trying to use...

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