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I am trying to access the commandline arguments from WPF application.Heere is the code i followed

          foreach (string arg in Environment.GetCommandLineArgs())
              if (arg == "–Auto_BlueGrass")
                  for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++)
                      if (i == 0)


The above code i wrote to access the command line arguments . when i run the exe from the cmd and pass the -Auto_BlueGrass switch by typing it then the if loop is not executing i.e., the cursor is not coming to for loop.

If i pass the switch by pasting -Auto_BlueGrass instead of typing in the cmd after the exe then it is executing the for loop.

Why this is happening.
Please let me know if iam writing anythingwrong.

thanks in advance
Michael dg 16-Feb-12 8:18am    
Basically your code is working. Try to read this article there are some tips.
infobeena 16-Feb-12 8:31am    
infobeena 16-Feb-12 8:33am    
infobeena 16-Feb-12 8:32am    
this code working fine.

try replacing the if clause:

if (arg.Equals("-Auto_BlueGrass", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase))
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Your code works fine on my system. Are you sure you are typing the argument correctly.
BTW Why don't you add a 'poor man debug info' like
Console.WriteLine("arg {0}", arg);

to your code?
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