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Hi all,
I developped an application that is supposed to play a video in a dedicated window by using DirectShow, while a layered window allows for displaying of a png bitmap over the video, using GDI+.
All this works fine and smoothly with windows 7, but under XP I get flickering of the layered bitmap and video is choppy.

I am considering 4 possible issues :
- The CPU, which is an i7 1,7Ghz for the Windows 7 machine but a 2Ghz Dual Core for the XP machine
- Areo stuff that would manage layered windows smootly in Windows 7
- The graphic device that would need some specific hardware capabilities (both machines are using the embedded chipset)
- Something in my code that is not fully compliant with XP but would work with 7 for some reason.

Note that the main video window is created as following :

NULL, NULL, m_hInst, this);

while the layered window is created this way :
(m_hWnd is the main video window)

RECT rPos;
int nLX = rPos.right-rPos.left;
int nLY =;
m_hwndLayer = CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_LAYERED | WS_EX_TRANSPARENT, "LAYER", "LayerHabillage", WS_OVERLAPPED | WS_VISIBLE, rPos.left,, nLX, nLY, m_hWnd, 0, m_hInst, 0);

Any idea would be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

You could use DirectShow Video Mixing Renderer (VMR9) for overlay.
Thanks for the advice.
Actually, that was the solution I tried first (and it actually works), but as I also deal with still images, and as VMR9 brings other issues with still images, I did not want to manage both cases and have a unique solution.
At the end, maybe I'll have to manage both.

In fact, did someone already succeed in overlaying a bitmap with layered windows over DShow video with XP ?
doscho 6-Mar-13 23:08pm
whether solved and how to solve.
There is a discription above the question in msdn of ms.
mOOmOOn_ 7-Mar-13 3:39am
Thanks for the info.
In MSDN, I could find some info related to hardware acceleration with XP, but no real solution. Did you actually find a link where the solution is described ?

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