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What is the meaning of the error: "DECLARATION TERMINATED INCORRECTLY".
Please give me the solution at the earliest possible ??????????
Updated 17-Feb-12 4:19am
DeathByChocolate 17-Feb-12 7:28am
Please don't put your title in capitals, it looks like shouting and is rather rude. :)
Ed Nutting 17-Feb-12 7:36am
Second that :)
Ed Nutting 17-Feb-12 7:38am
Post your code - the error means you have put an end line character, a brace of any other key character in the wrong place and so your compiler won't be able to compile it properly. Check your code carefully, if the error has a line number with it, check that line very carefully.
BillW33 17-Feb-12 8:58am
As others have said post the code that is causing the error. Also put a tag on your question that specifies what language you are using.
Uday P.Singh 17-Feb-12 9:25am
Can you share your code, so that we can help you in telling why this error message is coming.
CPallini 17-Feb-12 9:30am
The meaning is: "the declaration terminated incorrectly" as opposite of: "the declaration teminated correctly" no less, no more. In other words: "please post your code to get better help".

1 solution

There are many possible casues for this error. To find out more, you need to look at the full text of the error message. This message, among other things, will contain the name of the file of the source code that is causing this problem, and the line number where the error was detected.

Open that file, and go the line indicated in that error message, then look at the code and see if you have unintentially omitted something, such as a closing brace. You should also check for other syntax errors, and include the line(s) immediately before the indicated one, to see if the error was in fact there.

If you can't solve it on your own, post that code here (the line that the error message indicates, and a few lines before that). We will be better able to advise you when we see the actual code.

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