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Hi I have an mvc 3 project implementation where by I post a serialized object to an actionresult as a string. Using the @Ajax.ActionLink helper method in my view. However i receive the following error and it's unable to continue with my request.
The error is as follows. "Error 414 Request URL is too long." How would I go about fixing this? What is the correct way to increase the Request url length in web.config or IIS7.0 or what would be a better way to serialize an object to my ActionResult method?
ZurdoDev 17-Feb-12 10:29am
I know browsers have limitations on the url length, so that may actually be where the error is coming from. You may have to change the way you are doing things.

1 solution

The query string length depends on browser. You cannot increase it from your code.

The only solution AFAIK is to find another alternative approach to achieve the functionality.

Depending upon various browsers here are the limits

IE5.0 IE6.0 IE7.0 -->1024 characters
Opera ---> 4050 characters
NetScape6 ---> 2000 characters
NetScape4 --> 30000 Characters[^]

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