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I'm trying to implement a pretty cool feature that will make it possible for users to upload photos from iPhone to Safari(see more on[^] . I've also been reading instructions on how to implement it on this blog:[^].

What is going to happend is that when a user click upload in the mobile browser, javascript is going to open an app that will offer the user to choose a photo. The app will then upload the image to a server, and then open the callback URL that was given on initializing. In this callback URL, a hash containg the image url will be defined. The hash url in then parsed on the client side.

My problem is the tutorial is made for PHP developers. In their example, they're giving a callback URL like this: How could a do that in ASP.NET? I've tried to add a view "Complete.cshtml", and give the URL '', and then add this in the controller:
<pre lang="c#"> 
public ActionResult Complete()
            return View();

But that won't work - the page won't render when the PicupApp tries to open it with the hash. What am I doing wrong? Is this even possible in ASP.NET?

Let me now if I've been fussy and I'll try to explain better.
GateKeeper22 22-Feb-12 15:47pm    
Can you post all of the code for this project? Can't really tell what you are doing wrong just by the little bit of code you have provided.
Mich_90 8-Aug-14 19:37pm    
suunker,I have the same problem.Have you solve it?

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