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I'l explain u my concept..
I have a dropdownlist and a dynamic table...
when i select in dropdownlist i want data to be changed in dynamic table according to the selected value in dropdown... and also how to link database to the table....
CRDave1988 18-Feb-12 7:47am
What u have try till now? where u get problem?

On the SelectionIndexChanged(), Fire The Query For That particular item and fill your dynamic table.

This is the simple way to do that.

But i haven't understood your other question about linking database to table. What you exactly want here?
Navya_21 19-Feb-12 3:18am
Sorry i'm very new to c#....
in SelectionIndexChanged() i hve given the query bt hw wil it display in that dynamic table.... I'l tel u wht i'm trying is in dropdown i have 2 option of assign and not assign... when i select assign i should get only the people who r nt assigned in that table which is stored in database, likewise when i select not assign i should get only that list.... can u pls explain me how to do this since i'm very new to dis....
Aniket Yadav 19-Feb-12 5:07am
can you tell me the database fields of the table you are using?
And also the table that you have linked with your dropdown box.
So that i can figure it out for you
Navya_21 21-Feb-12 1:46am
The dropdownlist i have added static data, it contains assign and not assign two items.... In database table the fields are Shift_details_Id, Shift_ID,Emp_ID,From_time, To_time,Assigned_date,Status....
All these fields contains the related info and the status field contain info as Assign or Not Assign... When i select Not Assign in dropdownlist i Should get all fields mentioned above whose status in Not Assign, like wise when i select Assign i should get only dat.... can u pls tel me neatly how to do dis....
private void cmbDropDownBox_SelectionIndexChanged()
    string myStr = "";
    if(cmbDropDownBox.SelectedIndex != -1)
        if(cmbDropDownBox.Text == "Assigned")
            //Fire The Query For Status = "Assigned"
            myStr = "SELECT * FROM YourTableName WHERE Status = '" + cmbDropDownBox.Text + "'";
            //Store The Data Into the Datatable
            //And From the Datatable, display it into your grid
        else if(cmbDropDownBox.Text == "Not Assigned")
            //Fire The Query For Status = "Not Assigned"
            myStr = "SELECT * FROM YourTableName WHERE Status = '" + cmbDropDownBox.Text + "'";
            //Store The Data Into the Datatable
            //And From the Datatable, display it into your grid

Hope You Will Get An Idea Through This...
Navya_21 21-Feb-12 10:20am
Thank u soo much, dis is ok bt the point where i'm stuck is after storing it 2 datatable i want 2 display it in dynamic table not in grid, so pls if u have an idea tel me...
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 23:41pm
What is Your dynamic table? It is same as datatable created dynamically. Am i right? If i am right then fetch the data from the query to your dynamic table instead of datatable...
Navya_21 23-Feb-12 8:27am
Dynamic table in the sense ### table which is been added.....
can u tel me code to display in that table after storing in datatable....

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