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Hey guys.
Assume that I have created a ASP.NET webservice(or XML webservice) and hosted on IIS web server. I dont have client-server architecture within my network. All computers are connected to router. The question is how a webservice can be accessed outside LAN network? Webservice works on HTTP and router/firewall does not block port outside a LAN, can anyone access the service from my computer? Does this also needs port forwarding?

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"Client/server" has nothing to do with the architecture of your network or how your clients are connected to whatever. Googe it.

This question has nothing to do with the configuration of your web server, but of your network. If the outside world has a route to your web server, they can see the web service. If not, then they can't. It's that simple.

Now, if you need, but don't have, a server dedicated to the outside internet, you have a rather large design problem with your network. The server should be firewalled off so it's the only thing that an external client can see, and only on certain ports. You also have to make sure your router config is correct to support this.

If you just expose your entire network to the internet, including your server, you're exposing your client machines to a VERY hostile world.
tonydsouza1987 19-Feb-12 11:38am
thank you Dave for your quick reply.

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