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There have been many to show how to fill a listview with all the data from a database table but my question is if it's possible to append text in one field from a table to fill in two columns of a listview?

for example if I was to make a simple database table called Appearance and in the first field of that table I have (LongHair,BlueEyes)

How can I add LongHair to the hair Length column and BlueEyes to the Eye color column of my listview?

If this is possible I will work on my database format but if there is a easier way to take a field and its corresponding field to the right and add each tables field to the listview I would greatly like to know.

btw im using access database to learn from!.

1 solution

You can generate a database table based on the fields you choose.
A table can be created / modified via code.

Here[^] is a simple example.
Dale 2012 20-Feb-12 3:50am
I do not wish to create a data column on my windows form to then add or create tables to. I wish to return a string from a database table to two listview columns.

(Table) Appearance
(Cell Value)LongHair,BlueEyes (as one string divided by a ",")

(columns) Hair type Eye Color
(items) LongHair BlueEyes
Dale 2012 20-Feb-12 3:54am
examples or provided sample code preferably for

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