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I have requirement where i need to display notification prior to the site maintenance on the user's screen , say half an hour before the maintenance start time (Maintenance start time will be stored in the database) until the maintenance start.

What is the best approach to do it.
This is ASP.Net application and uses ExtJs Query
Updated 20-Feb-12 18:37pm

Create one or more "Under maintenance" pages. Optionally, such page could read a planned completed maintenance time from the database and display it. Store a Boolean flag in the database, something like "under maintenance". If you have different parts of the site with separate maintenance (so, one part can go under maintenance while some other are still in production), create several flags. Each APS.NET application should first checkup a flag relevant to the page being generated. If maintenance is started for the part of the site where the current page belong, redirect to the maintenance page.

Before maintenance work, you should setup required maintenance flags; if you also use indication of planned time for the maintenance completion, do it first. You should create a script for this; if can be an ASP.NET exposed only to a site maintenance personnel.

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Rishikesh_Singh 21-Feb-12 0:38am    
Thanks for your suggestion, but i think my question was not very clear so i have rephrased it.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 21-Feb-12 0:51am    
My advice is still applicable to your modified question; you only need to add an additional message to each page. You can add it to a master page if you use any. This page should read a maintenance start time from the database (your should be able to use, say, DbNull to indicate that a message should not be shown) and generate the message is it should be shown (maintenance planned for certain time within half an hour) or hide it (in this case you should generate empty HTML instead of the message). That's it.
Rishikesh_Singh 21-Feb-12 2:16am    
Thanks and i mark it as answered.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 21-Feb-12 2:21am    
You are welcome, and thank you.
Good luck, call again.
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Rishikesh_Singh 21-Feb-12 0:39am    
Thanks for the link. i think i was not clear with my question so i have rephrased it.

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