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I am trying to call one C# function from C dll file, My need is to invoke one function in my c# application in a particular time period that my C dll file knows

for that I create one sample code for testing it, But its not working to me.

any one have any idea about this please correct me
My sample code is given below

C dll code
extern "C"
	void (*foo1)(int)= NULL;
  __declspec(dllexport) void DisplayHelloFromDLL()
	   //foo = &my_int_func;
    printf ("Hello from DLL !\n");


   __declspec(dllexport) void InitializeFun(void (*foo)(int)) 



C# console application

public class NativeMethods
       private const string KERNEL32_DLL = "Kernel32.dll";
       static internal extern IntPtr LoadLibrary(string szFileName);
       static internal extern IntPtr GetProcAddress(IntPtr hLibrary, string szProcName);
       static internal extern int FreeLibrary(IntPtr hLibrary);

   class Program
       public static extern void DisplayHelloFromDLL();

       public static extern void InitializeFun(VoidDelegate MyFunc);

       public delegate void VoidDelegate();

       static void Main(string[] args)
           Console.WriteLine("This is C# program");

           IntPtr hUser32 = NativeMethods.LoadLibrary("TestLib.dll");
           IntPtr pMethod = NativeMethods.GetProcAddress(hUser32, "InitializeFun");

           VoidDelegate method2 = (VoidDelegate)Marshal.GetDelegateForFunctionPointer(pMethod, typeof(VoidDelegate));

           string str = Console.ReadLine();


       public static void MyFunc()
           Console.WriteLine("I was called by c dll ...");
BobJanova 21-Feb-12 6:18am    
Define 'isn't working'.

1 solution

VoidDelegate method2 = (VoidDelegate)Marshal.GetDelegateForFunctionPointer(pMethod, typeof(VoidDelegate));

Why are you doing this? Surely you just want
VoidDelegate method2 = MyFunc;

Actually you might well just be able to do
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Arun Kumar K S 21-Feb-12 23:32pm    
many thanks BobJanova its worked to me, One more doubt when I passed integer argument it called the function and c lose the application immediately
BobJanova 22-Feb-12 14:15pm    
You need to declare the delegate to take an int.
Arun Kumar K S 21-Feb-12 23:33pm    
my 5 vote to your answer

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