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I can create lists and views in share point 2010.But I can't insert data in to share point list using .NET.How can I solve this?
Kannan Karthikeyan 27-Feb-12 14:15pm    
Are you getting any exception when updating a list via your .NET app. If yes, can you post the exeption details, it will really help to provide proper solution to your issue.
kingsa 12-Dec-13 4:44am    
which object Model are u using it means client or server

create sharepoint project in visual studio.
and use following code.. this might help.

SPsite site = new SPsite("") ;
site.AllowUnSafeUpdate = true ;
SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb() ;
SPList list = web.getList("YourListName");
SPListItem item = list.items.add() ;
item["itemproperty"] = "your value" ;
item["itemproperty1"] = "your value 1" ;
item.update() ;
site.AllowUnSafeUpdate = false ;
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item["JoiningDate"] = Convert.ToDateTime("10/30/1998");
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CHill60 19-Nov-13 18:52pm    
The word in the OP post was "data" not "date".
I am designing a UI with all the fields in Button Click I am writing this logic.

ClientInformation is my list name,Is already created in SharePoint Site.
Once we deploy we can able to insert this data in to list.

protected void btnsubmit_Click1(object sender, EventArgs e)
SPSite site = SPContext.Current.Site;
SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb();
SPList list = web.Lists["ClientInformation"];
SPListItem listitem = list.Items.Add();
listitem["ClientName"] = txtclientname.Text;
listitem["ClientLocation"] = txtclientlocation.Text;
listitem["Address"] = txtclientaddress.Text;
listitem["ContactPerson"] = txtcontactperson.Text;
listitem["Email"] = txtEmailId.Text;
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