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I have 2 datatable and I need to create new datatable which should show the result as(datatable1 - datatable2).
For eg: datatable1 has IDs(1,2,3,4) and datatable2 has IDs(3,4).The new datatable should have the values (1,2)
I need all the rows from DataTable1 except DataTable2
How can I do this using LINQ? pls help
Updated 22-Feb-12 5:03am

You don't need LINQ for this. It can be accomplished with RowFilter or Select on the DataTable
vivektp 22-Feb-12 9:53am
How do I do this using Select on the DataTable?
You can join like this

var q = from a in Table1
                           join b in Table2 on a.ID equals
                           select new
vivektp 22-Feb-12 10:02am
I need all the rows from DataTable1 except DataTable2

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