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Hi all,

I am working with
On page i am calling my onepage.aspx through iframe.
Here page is displayed properly but i am facing 2 problems.

1 Problem) Web page scroll.
Unnecessary lots of scroll comes on page. I don't want to fix Iframe scroll and height. I want web page height.
I had tried setting table,iframe, through css, body >> height=100% but this does not seems to work.

2 Problem) Iframe source setting through code behind.
On page load adding source attribute like
Iframe.Attribute.Add("src", URL)

Here, whenever i am loading page ' instead of iframe to reload ', it is generated inside 'one another'.
I have already set iframe attributes inside page .ispostback.

Can anyone suggest me on this
Updated 23-Feb-12 1:54am
ZurdoDev 23-Feb-12 7:54am    
I am not sure what your exact question is but it sounds like you need help getting rid of scrollbars. The best thing to do is use the developer tools in whatever browser you are using to track down what is causing it.

overflow css hides scrollbars

Add style to iframe tag

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Problem was with

Whenever response was getting called iframe was generated within one another.

Solution: Instead of response.redirect added below code and it worked awesome.
Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), "scriptid", "window.parent.location.href='../Page.aspx?Pdata=123'", True)
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[no name] 29-Feb-12 12:00pm    
Completely unfindable from your badly worded q

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