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I have made program for the purpose of processing data obtained from excel file.

When package to install my program (use visual studio setup project). I am having a problem as follows:

1. How do you install the program, the program's icon is added to context menu (Eg: when I right click on excel file (.xls) will see the icon of the program (my program' name)). This work similar to when right click on the file extension .rar will see winrar program. I want to know whether visual studio setup project can not support this?

2. And how to transmit parameters into my program. My goal when I right-click the excel file and select icon my program from context menu, program will be activated, then my program will read data from that excel file.

I know this is a common task of a software program. But I'm really confused with it. I really want to understand how this should?


You can configure iCon for your application in VisualStudio as per the below steps;

1. Right click on the project to bring up the context menu. Now select "Properties".

2. In the projects property window select "Application". 

3. There is one entry that says "Icon and manifest". 

4. Right beside the textbox for the Icon is a button, which will bring up a file browser dialog. 

5. Click on that button and select your icon file.
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I follow your instructions. But when my actions: right-click the excel file and choose my program, error messages appear:

"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action"

I understand that I have not been transfer parameter of excel file in my program. Although, if I turn on the program and select path to excel file, the program is still read data from excel file.

Thanks a lot!
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