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I have a small piece of code that I used to change the wave volume of on windows XP. I used

public static extern int waveOutGetVolume(IntPtr hwo, out uint dwVolume);

public static extern int waveOutSetVolume(IntPtr hwo, uint dwVolume);

When I use this code on windwos 7. and change volume

int NewVolume = ((ushort.MaxValue / 10) * currentVolume);
// Set the same volume for both the left and the right channels
uint NewVolumeAllChannels = (((uint)NewVolume & 0x0000ffff) | ((uint)NewVolume << 16));
// Set the volume
                waveOutSetVolume(IntPtr.Zero, NewVolumeAllChannels);

The volume is not getting changed. When i opened the master volume window of win7 I could see the volume level bar getting changed but the volume change was not happening.

I know there are other ways to do the same thing on windows 7 but I was just wondering why the volume is not changing if my function call is able to set the volume bar to the required level?


since Windows Vista/7 MS changed the access to control volume, mixers, etc. and it's called the coreaudio API.
Here are some links, I'm sure you can work something out with it:[^]
Vista Core Audio API Master Volume Control[^][^]

You can also use or have a look at NAudio Wrapper:[^]

Good Luck ;)
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I made the experience that the waveOutSetVolume and waveOutGetVolume Functions only change the volume ouput of your current application and not the master system volume. therefore the volume is raised or lowered but you dont see any change on the master volume scrollbar. open the mixer and take a look there.
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