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I have a console-based application, it may be run as a windows service or as a console application, but it also may be spawned by another application using CreateProcess with hidden console Window.
If I want to terminate cleanly the application, I can stop the service (when running as service), I can type CTRL+C in the console window and trap the SIGINT signal (when as a console), I can also install a ControlHandler and trap the console close (when as a console), but when spawning it with CreateProcess, I cannot find a reliable way to terminate it cleanly.
From the documents I read, the ::TerminateProcess API sends a WM_CLOSE , that is obviously ignored by a console application, and there are people out there suggesting to install an event pump inside the console application to handle WM_CLOSE.
Also, iv heard of using FindWindow & then post a WM_CLOSE.

Please suggest...


There are many ways to do this. You could use the GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent function[^] to send a signal to the console application. If you implement a control handler.. you could catch the signal and properly terminate.

All of the other methods such as thread messages are nothing more than a hack[^].

Best Wishes,
-Ugly Hack
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From (Terminating a Process[^]) "The exit code for a process is either the value specified in the call to ExitProcess or TerminateProcess...". Of course, the preferred way is to use ExitProcess() function.
But to simply terminate a certain process created by CreateProces() API you can use its last parameter LPPROCESS_INFORMATION lpProcessInformation (CreateProcess function[^]) to get a handle to the created process. Then, call TerminateProcess()(TerminateProcess function[^])
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call TerminateProcess(handleFromCreateProcess,&exitcode)
make sure to wait because TerminateProcess returns immediately after initiating termination. you need to call WaitForSingleObject function to make sure process is terminated.
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