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hi guys, as for my recent question, i think this would be a more specific one:
how can i check using, as i am a beginner and do not understand other programming languages) if there is an existent value in a column of an access database?

Ive tried searching but the answers are only available using other languages and, as ive said, i am a beginner. I mean i can get the logic but i dont have enough knowledge to translate them into

guys, help me please!!!

Write a select query like below
SELECT * FROM [TableName] WHERE [ColumnName]='ColumnValue'

Use ExecuteReader or ExecuteScalar of OLEDBCommand object to check the data exists or not
Here check this thread Checking Record Already exist or not[^]

For Code conversion(C# to VB.NET or etc.,), check this blog post.
.NET Code Conversion - Convert your code[^]
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kimsnap 2-Mar-12 3:32am    
Thank you.. it worked :)
Dim dataImSearchingFor as String = "What I want to Find"
Dim expressionString as String = "ColumnName LIKE '" & dataImSearchingFor & "'"

Dim DR() as DataRow = dataForm.DataSet.Database.Select(expressionString)

if DR.Length > 0
 ''' Items Found!!
End if
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