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I'm using two columns in Table T_T_VOUCHER...

AIN                1000
AIN                2000
AIN                -1000
ACN                4000
ACN                5000
ACN                -2000

I want a procedure in which I want to display the two columns into three columns as given below

          AIN              2000            0
          ACN              0               7000            

I want to sum the amount separately for AIN and ACN in VCR_VOUCHER_TYPE and show it in two columns..Help me
Updated 1-Mar-12 20:45pm
walterhevedeich 2-Mar-12 2:46am    
Don't shout. Typing all in uppercase is considered shouting.
OriginalGriff 2-Mar-12 3:07am    
We can't, based on that information.
It is not at all clear why you would add what into which total - we would need at least the logic behind it - I cannot see any scheme which gets your results from your inputs!
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1 solution

Is your number of columns fixed? Will your voucher type be always AIN and ACN alone. In that case try this query

Select data.VCR_VOUCHER_TYPE, case when (data.VCR_VOUCHER_TYPE = 'AIN') then data.amount else 0  end VCR_Amount1,
case when (data.VCR_VOUCHER_TYPE = 'ACN') then data.amount else 0 end  VCR_Amount2
(Select VCR_VOUCHER_TYPE, SUM(VCR_Amount) amount from T_T_voucher group by VCR_VOUCHER_TYPE) data
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