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I want to connect to MySql Online by VB.NET. But the connection is always closed. So do you have any way to do with this? Please help!

Edit -
Sub StartInternetdb()
            Cn_int = New MySqlConnection
            Cn_int.ConnectionString ="Host=SQL09.FREEMYSQL.NET;Database=testdb;User ID=raniy;password=123456;Port=3306;charset=utf8"
        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox(ex.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Information)
        End Try
End Sub

And when I try to run the command to select data from table in the first time it works, but when I do it again later, it shows the error. It means:

Connection must be open.

Please help me to establish the stable connection in order to make it not close at any time.

Thanks in advance!
Updated 22-Mar-12 10:55am
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Mar-12 22:20pm
Without seeing your connection code, and any error messages (EXACT text helps alot!) that you're receiving, it's pretty much impossible to tell you what's going on.
Varun Sareen 5-Mar-12 23:07pm
ckulasekaran 6-Mar-12 6:41am
Post your sample code

Probably Cn_int variable is a global variable. You need to check other procedures or functions for closing connection. By the way, take a look here. There are many providers and many different connection-strings.
Do not use a global connection, and do not open it immediately. Better create the connection when it is needed, open it, do your queries, and close it thereafter.

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