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I have a dropdownlist that is bound to data in the code behind.
i want the default to be -- None -- at the top of the list.
if the user select the top of list i.e --None-- it should prompt as pl z select from the list ,
if user select the other than --None-- then it should continue the process

i have added the top list as
drop down.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("-- None--", "")) 

how to validate

thanks in advance
Updated 6-Mar-12 6:07am
Jyothikarthik_N 6-Mar-12 10:32am
Is it a Web Project or a windows Project?

Please tag the question with proper areas.
pradeep manne 6-Mar-12 10:34am
its a web project

use this one.
drop down.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("-- None--", "-- None--"));
dropdownlist1.Items.Insert(0, new ListItem("None", "0"));

for validating you can use javascript for example

  if(dropdownlist1.SelectedValue == "0")
     throw new Exception("<script language="javascript">" + "alert('Please select something');" + "");

catch (Exception ex)
   label1.Text = ex.Message;
function validateDropDown(){
           alert('please select valid item.');
           return false;
Set the AppendDataBoundItems property in the markup and add an ListItem. Add a RangeValidator and have it validate the DropDownList. If the value for the ListItem added in the markup is -1, for instance, then you would set the MinValue for the RangeValidator to 0.

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