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I am working on a project that uses database(sql server 2008) to store some data. During the development the schema of the database will change a few times. When the update for the software will be installed on a machine I need to examine the schema of the database that was used before the update and the schema of the database that will be used after the update. Is there any tool available that will inspect the differences of the schemas and created the update script which can than be used to modify the existing schema to the new schema. I would need a tool that can be run programmaticaly(using a commmand line or something similar). Does anybody knows of a good tool that can be used to achive this, or does anybody know a different way of achiving this? Any advice will be appreciated.


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You should be using visual studio database (VSDB) projects for this. Please check the link[^] for more info. VSDB allows command line deployment using VSDBCMD utility. It is fairly easy to migrate to VSDB based development and deployments.

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