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I have IFrame in my Main Page.This IFrame contain Html Table Tag that contain TD tag, its attribute is set as runat "server".My Main Page Contain one HTML Reset Button and one HTML Submit Button.
When I click on Reset button I want to clear TD tag value from javascript.
Do any one have any idea about this as it is getting cleared in javascript but still seen its value on server side for submit button click .
Ed Nutting 7-Mar-12 2:30am    
Seen where? If you see it in the Page_Load after the submit then this isn't surprising - look up the ASP>Net Page Life Cycle in Google (MSDN is the best) - it will explain why this happens. If you are actually seeing it in the button click method itself then that is surprising and I can't say I have any ideas on what could be causing it...

Hope this helps,
ZurdoDev 7-Mar-12 8:04am    
You could share some code and then we can look.

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