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I am using Developer Studio 97 with Visual C++ 5.0 Our Native OS is Windows XP. Our Target Platform is also Windows XP.
I recently downloaded the XP Platform SDK. It could 'Not Find' the DevStudio97 Compiler, (No longer Supported) and I was afraid to direct the installer to it, just in case of problems. The whole lot is now downloaded to a seperate directory. Is is safe to copy/replace All Header Files that came with the compiler, with those that came via the SDK,and do Ditto with Lib Files, and (Redistributable)DLL Files.

I'd like to hear from anyone faced with this dilemma before.

Well I just tried it, (Actually I set the default Lib and Header directories to point at the SDK. Does not compile, mainly because of a new Compiler Directive. i.e. __declspec(noreturn).

The pragma warning(push) gives a Pile of Warnings.
VC++ 5.00 knows about neither, and trashes on the First One.(I always thought that Unknown pragma's should be Ignored!) Well, ofcourse __declspec is a MS language extension, and, in all fairness, the Unknown Pragma's only caused warnigs.
Found ways around it, but then the Linker Trashed.

The Linker for VC5.00 does not recognise files produced by the VC6 Compiler as valid Obj or Lib files.

Well It was worth a Try!

As for changing to VC6, Well, our software runs no better on Windows 8 than on Windows 95. Actually it runs best on XP. All our customers run effectively only One Program suite, namely Mine! Most of our customers have never ever heard of Windows Explorer or, even MS Word. None of our customers is or will ever be connected to the internet. Given these parameters, VC5 still fits the bill.

Regards :)
Updated 9-Mar-12 14:07pm

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I suggest you'd better change to a higher version of vs studio. I think the minimum requirement will be vc++ 6.0 with sp6. the latest version is vs2010
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Cashey Wen 9-Mar-12 22:44pm    
Since tried VC6, why not change the linker?

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