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Hello all,

I've got a small flash that shows a picture gallery with some text on top and some thumbnails at bottom; the amount of pictures and the picture's related text is specified using a xml file.

The flash file automatically loads the XML file, I don't have anything in the PHP to load the XML file. (It seems that the flash file looks for a xml file that it's named equally than the SWF file but as XML (of course).

So the XML file looks like:

<my super flash configuration>
  <picture1 file="aaa1.png" text="super picture 1!">
  <picture2 file="aaa2.png" text="super picture 2!">
  <picture3 file="aaa3.png" text="super picture 3!">
  <picture4 file="aaa4.png" text="super picture 4!">
</my super flash configuration>

The result of that should be a slideshow of 4 picures (from aaa1 to aaa4 with the texts "super picture Y!" (where Y goes from 1 to 4).

What is the problem:
The problem I'm getting is that when I change the contents of the XML file the flash slideshow shown on the web page is not changing and I would like to know how to make it to reload... I've pressed Ctrl+F5, F5 and nothing seems to work...

Additional notes:

  • I'm using IE9...

  • Following some Internet instructions I've tried to pass a parameter to the flash file to see if it refreshes the content... No luck with that...

  • If I clear the IE cache then it works...

Any idea?

Thank you in advance! :thumbsup:
Updated 8-Mar-12 20:12pm

1 solution

Try to Use External callback function and access it from Javascript to refresh the screen
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Joan M 10-Mar-12 14:45pm    
Could you explain this a little bit more? what do you mean with refresh the screen? Thank you. :thumbsup:

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