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Hi guys
I have a huge problem for 2 weeks now
I am trying to create an application in WPF C# that reads in the xml file and
creates a XMLTreeVview tree. Now I managed to create a binding of my listview Items to the XMLTreeVview tree
but it doesnt have the capability to bind only the SPECIFIC Node Items. Like I have 2 list vies in ListView1 i want only the Folders to be binded and when i click on the specific folder the coresponding ITEMS will be binded twoway to the LISTVIEW2. can anyone please help me im getting readlly frustrated with this issue

here is the C# binding code
ListView2.ItemsSource = xtv.sourceXml.DocumentElement.ChildNodes;

<listview name="ListView2">
         <textbox text="Binding InnerText" />

here is the C# binding code for second ListView
XMLTreeVview  xtv; //this has been returned from the file reader
ListView1.ItemsSource = xtv.sourceXml.DocumentElement.ChildNodes;

<listview name="ListView1">
         <textbox text="Binding FirstChild" />

BUT what i really want here is the List of ONLY the Folders, so when i click on the folder then all the Inner Text/Item will appear in ListView2
Updated 12-Mar-12 4:48am
El_Codero 10-Mar-12 4:31am
Could you please reformat your question? It's hard to read with serveral "XAML Code" and no code provided. Regards


I think you should read following examples from LINQ to XML,
it'll solve your problem quite quickly.[^][^]

Hi thanks for reply but im working on binding a specific items that are located in the folder but i dont see LINQ being able to do this. I have to be able to bind the node in the C# code behind right? where i would use isSelectionChenged event from Listview
André Kraak 10-Mar-12 12:54pm
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Thank you.
it seems that when i bind the xmlTreeView to the List view I am not able to only bind the Folders. I have used the listView2.ItemsSource to bind my XmlTireeView by type converting it to ListNode then binding it, but when ii try to bind the SubFolders ONLY i can not achive this, I used my treeView
If (xtn.HasChildNode)
ListView2.ItemsSource = xtn.ChildNode;

but fore some reason this Doesnt work
I tried to Extract a layer of the "xtn" sub folders onto another NodeList but I cant parst an XmlTreeview to XmlNodeList

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