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I want to make a 2D game in C# using Unity engine but I really don't have any drawing skills or graphics at all. So I was wondering if you guys can point me to a place where I can find some free 2D graphics and sprites. My game will be mario kind of game (character walking , killing enemies and collecting stuff) and will only have 1 level (I need to do it for a project).

Updated 10-Mar-12 6:47am
Ed Nutting 10-Mar-12 12:49pm     CRLF
Edit: Removed swearing - this is not acceptable even if you do use a dollar sign! Improved English and grammar. Advice to OP - "need to do this for a project" - so its your homework? That's what this sentence suggests anyway... - "Well?" - well what? Demanding and answer? You ought to say something like "Thank you". Lastly, try searching Google, or even use Google Images as all your searching for is images... Ed
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-12 18:46pm     CRLF
Yes, you sparkled well... emotional response. Nevertheless, I answered -- before reading all that. The question makes some sense, but -- please see. --SA
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-12 18:50pm     CRLF
By the way, I totally agree with you about using dirty words, even with $. Sometimes euphemisms are worse than real words which could be sometimes acceptable for the sake of humorous effect, expressing really strong feelings (which would not be in a right place here anyway), etc... --SA
Member 8712642 10-Mar-12 12:51pm    
Of course I've used Google before posting , no it's not a homework , it's a volunteer project. thanks.
Member 8712642 10-Mar-12 13:33pm    
also , you're*

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Such things never work really. All gaming software always have authors who play the roles of artists, graphics designers and the like. This work is extremely important; your program can not really became a product without it.

If you borrow some graphics from the public domain, you cannot really say that the product you develop is yours.

From the other hand, if you or one of your colleagues (someone who is not hopeless as an artists) is learning drawing, graphics design or something (which, in my opinion, almost 100% people can master to certain extend, but a huge amount of work, patience, passion as well as proper feedback from those who understand is required), one can learn some techniques and some ideas from the study of the public-domain work. But first, this is only good if you already can tell good from bad, and this is not the main part of the study. Nothing can beat experience in classical drawing; and the technique in specialized areas like, say, vector or pixel graphics should go on top of it. Usually the artist say: "learn from Nature", but this is not really enough, especially from most of us who only have "about average" talent.

In principle, you could develop the program using some random pictures at first in hope to replace graphics later. It could even stimulate you to develop software in more generic way. I'm sure it's possible to team up with somebody on the Web, find a right person. Technically, this is quite feasible. Working in a small distributed team becomes a commonplace, especially in software projects.

When it comes to collaboration on the Web, people do much more wonderful things than that. Last year, I found some wonderful video musical clips made by people from different countries who performed as musicians and singers on the same video clip but never had a chance to meat together. The result was wonderful. Just think about it.

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Member 8712642 10-Mar-12 18:32pm    
THANK YOU VERY MUCH Sir for your answer. First of all , I don't want to take credits for the graphics , just for my coding part. Secondly , I am flying solo on this one, don't have anyone to help me with the graphics. Last but not least , I will just try further to find some old free graphics online to use and hopefully will suffice. Again , I very much apreciate your time taken to answer my question.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-12 22:03pm     CRLF
You are very welcome. Nevertheless, I think my advice makes sense. You are agree, consider accepting it formally (green button) -- thanks. --SA

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