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guys i need your help please . my question is

Which of the following are true about Extension Methods?

1.they can be declared either static or instance members.

2.extension methods can be used to override existing instance methods

3.extensio methods with the same signature for the same class may be declared in
multiple namespace without causing comilation errors.

4. they must be declared in the same assembley(but may be in different source files)

please tell me right answer

The question is formulated in the way that answering that does not provide any real knowledge. This is a form of idiotic interview or test questions. Such questions should not be answered and even asked at the forum promoting real knowledge, understanding of technology and skills.

The only decent approach would be this: learn this (really simple) topic and do exercise in code to make sure you understand it and can use in practice. Please see:[^].

Even when you learn it all, I would not advise even looking at the questions. They promote thinking along the wrong lines. This is my personal opinion though; may be for some they could be used as some self-control.

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Sounds like a test question. If so,[^].

If it's not, then it's an interview question. Look it up if you don't know the answer. Google is free (and the answer is EASY to find. If you don't have the google chops necessary to find the answers you need on a day-to-day basis, or if you don't have the drive to find them on your own, you have to ask yourself what kind of a programmer are you really going to be?
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Mar-12 15:01pm    
Agree, my 5. I also argue that the question of this sort, even answered, don't promote any kind of real knowledge; please see my answer.

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